Puppy Themed First Birthday Party

Reaching the first birthday as a twin mom is one of those days you dream about in the early weeks and months of survival mode. Not that you’re not loving every moment (I did!)… It’s just – the first year can just be such an emotional rollercoaster as you meet the demands of two littles.

It’s an accomplishment; almost a right of passage or badge of honor in the Mothers of Multiples circle.  

But with that badge comes this opposing feeling in your gut that screams, “How could I have hoped for this day?” Gone are nearly all of the major ‘firsts’.  Woah, you guys. The reality of it hits you like a ton of bricks. Good news, I can look back and say with confidence that I truly did savor it. That first year of mothering twins will forever be one of my most proud moments as I look back on my reel of life. One that I thank God for every day.  For giving me the opportunity to steward my kids – both in that first year and all the years to come.

Ok – enough with this sap speak.

What better way to wrap up this awesome year than to throw a birthday celebration to honor my boys! The theme came about after locating those ridiculously cute outfits pictured above while vacationing in Ocean City New Jersey last year. Our boys were only 6 weeks old! (just look at how tiny!)

All the women in my tribe came together to create these fun decorations in honor of my boys. I am so blessed to have them in my life. These women were my support in that rollercoaster year and I would be lost without them!

Keep scrolling to see the details of our fun and to find out which twin enjoyed their cake the most! Oh, and you don’t want to miss my free gift to you below!

As a fun gift to my followers, I’ve got a few downloadable d├ęcor and favor fun for you to have for FREE! Here are the downloadable high chair banners, Frisbee favors (use Avery CD labels to print!) puppy coloring masks, dog house centerpiece, and our hot dog bar/menu printables.

And just in case you wanted an up close and personal look at those adorable stat boards. Check them out below!




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