Morgan & Tyler’s Maternity Pictures

Don’t you just love it when life brings you back full circle?  These two crazy kids had their engagement pictures taken at this exact same location, The Fort Hunter Mansion in Harrisburg, PA, six years ago!  And now they are expecting their first child, Meredith Bree. 

It was a cold one, and Morgan was such a trooper trudging through the snow for these shots! (Ok, Tyler carried her for most of the deep stuff… Husband-of-the-Month award goes to you!)

Meredith Bree, the anticipation has us so excited and we can barely wait to meet you!  You should know something about your mommy. She already loves you more than words can say. It’s written all over her face when she feels you move, or when she talks about how honored she is to have you as a daughter.  She’s  the most amazing woman you’ll ever know and you are just going to LOVE her. I know I do.

I’ve put some of my favorites below for you to enjoy!

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