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Nesting is a real thing.  For me, it came from deep within about halfway into my pregnancy.  It was a combination of my natural tendencies to organize and prepare, mixed with the reality that my twins were coming… and coming fast.

The nesting began as I started decorated our gray and yellow gender neutral nursery… After all, we were watching for the ultimate surprise x2!. We kept the nursery about as basic as possible because the size of the room was so small and already overwhelmed by two cribs. Still, I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. 

Mobiles – they are nostalgia, tradition. What is a nursery without one over the crib?


The shopping began to find the perfect mobiles for the nursery.  I quickly discovered that standard mobiles just wouldn’t provide the look that I was searching for.  It was then that I decided I to make my own! As I searched the internet for inspiration, I could not find any DIY mobile that incorporated a music box mobile base. My DIY mobile combines the best of both worlds – the nostalgia of rotation and music, with a modern DIY appearance.

Want to get started? Keep reading below for everything you’ll need and the (simple) steps to make it happen!  I think you’ll find this tutorial helpful and the end result both unique and beautiful. 


  1. Scrapbook Paper. I used an entire 12×12 pack to make two mobiles (and used nearly every inch of the paper!)
  2. Ribbon of your choice
  3. Crib Mobile Music Box Holder Arm Bracket and Mobile without Toys.  Be sure to purchase the extended version for extra length. I purchased mine from Amazon. You can find it here
  4. (optional) 2″ Circle punch. Mine is from Hobby Lobby and can be found here
  5. (optional) Double Sided Craft Adhesive
  6. Hot Glue/Hot Glue Gun



Step 1: Cut out the scrapbook paper into circles. I love the use of scrapbook paper in this project. It provides a variety of coordinating patterns and heavy paper for a GREAT price.  For this project I used a 2″ circle punch. I found this to be an incredible time savor.  Do yourself a favor and make the purchase.

Step 2: Cut the Ribbon.  This mobile has two different length ribbons; five circles for the yellow tones and seven circles for the grey tones. I love the depth that it provides with varying lengths. Of course, if you prefer to use the same number of circles on each ribbon, you can always do that as well! 

Step 3: Attach the circles to the ribbon. I chose to use double sided adhesives. You could always use hot glue, but I found the tape much less messy and much quicker to work with. My circles are about a thumb’s width apart from one another. Be sure to leave about two inches of ribbon on the top edge so that there is enough length to attach it to the mobile arms.  For a more finished appearance, be sure to attach a circle to both sides of the ribbon. 




Step 4: Attach the ribbon to the mobile arm. For this step,  hot glue is necessary for the ribbon to hold onto the plastic.  You can place these on however you like. I chose to use an ‘every-other’ pattern.  Another option would be to place the longer strands along the inside of the mobile and the shorter strands along the outside edge.


And that’s it.. My twins  just LOVE to lay in their cribs and watch the mobile spin and sing.  It is such a joy to watch, especially because it was something I made special – just for them!  If you’re not a “crafter“, no worries! These steps are more like a concept than an exact science.  Have some fun with it, get creative and watch how making something so simple can be the perfect way to nest for your baby’s (or babies’!) arrival. 

Start nesting… and have fun!

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